Octonauts Toys – Gup X

Gup X - popular Octonauts ToysThe Gup X Shoot and Rescue Vehicle is one of the best developments in Octonauts Toys this year.

Tweak developed the Gup X Shoot and Rescue Vehicle as a surprise present for Captain Barnacles in the Christmas Special and he was able to put it to immediate use, rescuing a baby Octopus from being trapped inside a volcano.

The Gup X can transform into 3 different vehicles, with different purposes.

It can be used as a tank, to blast through rock faces under the water. It can be used as a Glider to speed through both air and water. The Gup X can also be used as an Octo-ski to slip through tiny spaces.

As far as weapons are concerned, these Octonauts Toys are right up there with the best available. It can shoot slime at those attacking the Octonauts and stretchers are available to transport sick or injured creatures.

The Gup X Shoot and Rescue Vehicle is certainly one of the most popular Octonauts Toys this year and is sure to be a big hit with all Octonauts fans.

Octonauts Octopod Playset – Octonaut Toys

Octonaut Toys - Octopod PlaysetThe Octonauts Octopod Playset is one of the most popular Octonaut Toys – and for good reason! It is absolutely brilliant.

The Octopod Playset is a well made toy which copies faithfully the set up of the Octopod as shown on the TV series.

The Octonauts HQ forms the centre of the Playset and there are 4 different pods which go off from the HQ, including the kitchen where Tunip makes all the food, the medical centre where Peso looks after injured sea creatures and Kwasi’s bedroom.

The Octonauts Octopod Playset includes figures of Captain Barnacles and his faithful sidekick, Kwasi. There are also some sea creatures who can form part of your adventures.

You also get an anchor, a basket and some stretchers for helping any injured sea creatures.

Octonauts Jigsaws – Octonaut Toys at their best

Jigsaws are brilliant for teaching children logic and dexterity and these Octonauts Jigsaws are among the most popular Octonaut Toys for that very reason.

A good jigsaw will excite the imagination as you carefully study a picture in front of you and try to determine how you can use all of the pieces available to make it up again. Some jigsaws are more difficult that others, but there is something for everyone in the Octonaut Toys range.

Ravensburger are renowned jigsaw makers and they have produced an Octonauts 3 in a box jigsaw puzzle featuring 3 different pictures of the Octonauts crew, an Octonauts 4 in a box jigsaw puzzle with 4 new pictures of Barnacles, Kwasi, Peso and the others as well as a giant Octonauts floor puzzle and some more complicated 35 piece jigsaws featuring an underwater adventure and Gup X to the rescue.

Octonaut Toys – Meet the Crew

Meet the OctonautsThe Octonauts are a daring team of adventurers. They explore underwater worlds, rescue sea creatures in trouble and protect oceans everywhere. Without them, there would be no Octonaut Toys to enjoy!

Captain Barnacles is the proud and dependable leader of the Octonauts. He is the strongest member of the team. He is a polar bear and his saying is, “Octonauts, lets do this”.

Lieutnant Kwazii used to be a pirate, but now he is Barnacles right hand cat. He uses a spyglass to seek out danger! He is a cat who often says, :shiver me whiskers!”

Peso is on hand to help any creature that is hurt or poorly. His super fast flippers bandage sore fins and tails. Peso is a penguin and his favourite saying is “flippity flappers”.

Tweak fixes the Octopod and keeps the GUP’s engines running. She works in the launch bay. Tweak is a rabbit and her saying is “buncha munchy crunchy carrots!”

Shellington is a marine biologist. He uses his magnifying glass to study ocean animals and plants. He is a sea otter and often says “Jumping Jellyfish”.

Dashi is the official Octonaut photographer. She is also the Octopod’s computer expert. She is a dog and her saying is “say seaweed”.

Tunip and the Vegimals are half animal and half vegetable. They cook the food and farm the garden pod.

Professor Inkling brought the Octonauts together. He gives advice and looks up facts about the ocean. He is an octopus who often says, “fascinating”.

Octonaut Toys – GUP E Toys

Gup E - the octonauts ambulance and research subThe Gup E is used to scout unchartered waters and to provide fish first aid.

The Gup E is a first class ambulance and research vessel. Although it is small like a guppy, it is extremely fast.

The Gup E has a variety of extras to make it even more effective, including an underwater microphone, a rear fish tank, a siren and deep sea eye lights.

The Gup E takes Shellington and Dashi on many fascinating research missions and take Peso to any sea creatures who need his help quickly.

Octonaut Toys – GUP D Toys

Gup D - one of the best Octonaut ToysThe Gup D is a mode changing repair sub. It is equipped to fix, lift, drill and dig.

The Gup D has two modes – crab for lifting and cutting, and Manta Ray for speeding to trouble.

The Gup D has a number of other helpful attachments including extendable crab arms, a multi purpose shell, manta fins and cutting claws, which often come in very handy!

Tweak is very proud of the Gup D.It has a razor sharp drill attachment which is her best invention so far.

The Gup D is a marvellous multi purpose machine.

The Gup D and Barnacles set is one of the best Octonaut Toys available.

Octonaut Toys – GUP C Toys

Gup C from the OctonautsThe Gup C is a mighty oceantug. It has the seahorse power to tow an orca whale!

If there is a large sea creature in trouble, the Gup C uses it’s net to tow them back to the Octopod.

The Gup C looks like a blue whale. It is fitted for heavy transport work.

It has a number of extra parts, including the tow line, an ice breaker, a bubble chimney and a winch.

The Octonauts count on the Gup C, because it is the ultimate undersea heavyweight.

One of the most popular Octonaut Toys is the Gup C Shellington and Whale set.

Octonaut Toys – GUP B Toys

The Gup B is a speedy solo sub. It can outrace a dolphin and power through ocean storms.

The Gup B is one of the most popular Octonaut ToysThe Gup B is designed in the shape of a tiger shark. It has lots of fantastic features. It has a turbo engine, super bright eye lights, strong radar and shark steering fins to make it more manoeuvrable.

When there is an emergency above the surface, the Gup B switches into flying fish mode.

Kwazii loves whizzing through the water in the Gup B. It’s ejector seat and turbo button are the envy of the seven seas!

So, climb into the Gup B – the fastest sub in the sea. This is one of the most popular Octonaut Toys available.

Octonaut Toys – GUP A toys

GUP A - the octonauts main underwater vehicleThe Gup A is the Octonauts main underwater vehicle. It is always on hand to explore, rescue and protect.

The Gup A is built in the shape of an anglerfish and it is fitted with all kinds of useful gadgets.

It has an underwater microphone, deep sea searchlights, a camouflage button and an extendable grabber.

If there is ever a need for speed, the Gup A has a propeller which can change into a super turbo booster.

Octonauts Toys offer a range of Gup A toys to play with and enjoy.