Octonauts Toys – Gup X

Gup X - popular Octonauts ToysThe Gup X Shoot and Rescue Vehicle is one of the best developments in Octonauts Toys this year.

Tweak developed the Gup X Shoot and Rescue Vehicle as a surprise present for Captain Barnacles in the Christmas Special and he was able to put it to immediate use, rescuing a baby Octopus from being trapped inside a volcano.

The Gup X can transform into 3 different vehicles, with different purposes.

It can be used as a tank, to blast through rock faces under the water. It can be used as a Glider to speed through both air and water. The Gup X can also be used as an Octo-ski to slip through tiny spaces.

As far as weapons are concerned, these Octonauts Toys are right up there with the best available. It can shoot slime at those attacking the Octonauts and stretchers are available to transport sick or injured creatures.

The Gup X Shoot and Rescue Vehicle is certainly one of the most popular Octonauts Toys this year and is sure to be a big hit with all Octonauts fans.

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